Store Order & Hints

Store order is based on sponsorship and order of applications received

1. .::Redangels::. - <--Starting Location -Viva Mexico!

2. .::KD::.Karamelis Designs - I'm red and I have the name of the Goddess of love. 

3. Prism Furniture - To complete your JOURNEY you will need to be tested by FIRE.

4. BagLady Design - All hands on DECK

5. Senzafine - We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.

6. Dressed by Lexi - Red like a Michigan Cherry.

7. MadPea Productions - Rubber Ducky you're the one.  You make SL so much fun.  Gather all your friends and sail away together.

8. Passionette - "You're Bound to find me."

9. SFW Industries - This used to save your screen, but now it's eye candy.

10. Kabuki Creations - you make me "Melt Away" (ground floor)

11. Barely Legal Couture - ADULT SIM - Landing on a wet spot!

12. C.Wells Photography - SKIP

13. SKIP (no longer in hunt)

14. PePU - If you want to see the world, don't forget the space.

15. Shabby Shack - Sing along now - ' I'm wishing on a star.......'

16. .:FallenDreams Inc:. - _______ & Glamour

17. Nefeli's Gestures - Are you lucky?

18. bacidalucia village - the old mill near the sea

19. The Elegant Goth - I just can't let him go

20. Dolome Designs - I LOVE chocolate but this is making me dizzy!!!

21. Eversong Wedding Boutique - All wrapped up and no place to go!

22. SKIP (no longer in hunt)

23. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS - I hide behind a Mardi Gras Mask, find me and the prize will be yours!

24. VERO MODERO - lets hit some waves

25. [dirty.little.secret] - SKIP

26. Cortes'n'Rossini - The cold Bottom!

27. Impish - You feeling lucky?

28. VISIONS GALLERY - Main Shop, First Floor, Take a bath with King Tut.

29. Kat Skratch Fever - I could fall on your head or you could step on me. Anything can Happen!

30. ~Shadow Moon~ - Let the Light Shine Down

31. Red Dahlia's Boutique - look at all these pretty textures for sale

32. Reliquia - It's a World of Music and Dance!

33. SWAK DeSIGNS - Can Somebunny help me with these gift cards?

34. Creations Kitchen - The space between "here and there" (Teleport to Creations Kitchen First)

35. Fierce Designs - All you need is love

36. J.A.C.S. Clothing - I Love all the cultures of rl and SL

37. Xclusives Animations - ADULT SIM - The melting pot can mean so many things,
                                                                  Maybe even your HOME FURNISHINGS.
                                                                  Keep walking, past the gems.  No prize there, no it is not.
                                                                  But the ULTIMTE ROMANCE RUG has some animations
                                                                    that are pretty hot.

38. Bound & Bitten - ADULT SIM - See Multi Hunt Hint Giver

39. GUHL - ADULT SIM - Have a look on the floor ..... it's inside the store area

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